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Karthi Kanthabalan

LL.B (Hons.) MMU


Messrs P S Ranjan & Co


LL.B. (Hons.) MMU

Date of Admission to the Bar

23 April 2010


1. Legal adviser to medical organisations and hospitals


2. Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, London


3. Member of The Medico-Legal Society of Singapore


4. Has acted as a lawyer in many cases involving healthcare, including in such fields as:-

  • medical and dental negligence;
  • Medical Council and Dental Council proceedings;
  • criminal prosecutions against doctors and hospitals;
  • magistrate’s inquiries into deaths in hospitals;
  • partnership and business disputes amongst doctors;
  • disputes between doctors and lawyers;
  • employment issues involving healthcare workers;
  • medical evidence in matrimonial cases; and
  • insurance disputes.


5. Has attended and spoken at many medico-legal meetings in Malaysia.


6. Has attended many medico-legal conferences all over the world.