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We give opinions to and undertake counsel’s work for other law firms. We undertake teaching for various professional bodies and write for publication on matters relating to our areas of practice. We provide services to institutions of higher learning, including by way of teaching and as external examiners.
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10 July / 20


In 1954 John Hector Bolam who was suffering from mental illness was advised to undergo electro-convulsive therapy. He signed a consent form but was not advised of a one in 10,000 risk of fractures. No relaxant drugs were given and no manual control, save for support of his lower jaw was used. A male nurse had stood on each side of the treatment couch. In the course of his treatment Bolam suffered dislocation of both hips and fractures of the pelvis on both sides.

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16 June / 20

Legal Costs in Medico-Legal Cases

In civil cases, the court may order a party to pay costs to another party. Usually a successful party would be awarded costs which are to be paid by an unsuccessful party.

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15 May / 20

Medical Malpractice: Preliminary Matters for Intending Claimants to Consider

An intending claimant in medical malpractice would usually be confronted by the following matters early on access to lawyers, access to litigation funding, access to medical records, access to experts, limitation periods for claims, the need to prove fault and quantum.

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